About The Baron

New Jersey Steel Baron, LLC was created by Aldo Bruno to provide the high-quality knife blade steels and resources necessary to produce the blades, swords, and other art being created by modern day knife-makers. We pride ourselves on our dedication to the individual, whether new to a forge or master smith. By creating lasting relationship it is our hope to better connect each of you to the education, information, and materials needed to continue in a craft so many have come to love, cherish, and find purpose in.

We have created a Knife-makers Steel Service Center where makers, manufacturers, and hobbyists can source reliable, quality, high-carbon steels at reasonable prices. Eventually, we hope to expand our abilities to connect various professionals, educators, and suppliers to help the community to grow. We promise to work with each of our customers to find the best steel, formula, or method for whatever project they may be working on. There is a lot to learn about the art of knife-making and it is our sincere venture to help create a closer community, allowing for faster growth and the spread of ideas.

All of our CPM steel and other steel is of the highest quality, because we want your work to stand the test of time or at least the test of a good cutting competition. We are able to provide suggestion about the best ways to work with our various types and grades of steels and connect you to people who care as much about your work as you do. Our passion is your passion.

Aldo Bruno,