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A classic forging steel thought to be almost non-existent, now available through NJ Steel Baron, LLC. Since 1084 is a high carbon steel, it will rust and tarnish if not properly taken care of. Our 1084 comes pickled and annealed, being a eutectoid steel it is simple to heat treat and highly recommended for beginning makers and seasoned smiths alike. Also widely used in damascus steel production.

Certification: C- .876 Si- .274 Mn- .803 P- .0100 S- .0040 Cr- .153 Ni- .037 Mo-.007 V- .004 W- .003 Cu- .037 Sn- .0030 Al- .006 Annealed Structure: 95% spherodized carbides

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  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    As a new knife maker I was suggested this steel by a professional and am very pleased with the results. Its very easy to heat treat for a rookie like me who can’t afford all the high dollar gadgetry. Very affordable as well, i suggest ordering more than 1 to save on shipping in the long run.

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