Water Jet Cutting Services

As of 2014, NJSB has offered in-house water jet cutting services. Water jet cutting is CNC controlled precision blanking using a mixture of abrasive and high-pressure water to cut through materials up to 6” thick. Here at NJSB, we specialize in small to large batches of cutlery, blades, and tools. Being a materials provider as well, this gives us the unique ability to guarantee and maximize yields as well as save on shipping costs and time.

Pricing is based per unit including materials and cutting. Depending on volume, discounts are available for material and cutting time. We try and keep low minimums and are willing to work with customers to help expand their business. Either way, water jet cut blanks will save a maker processing time and result in a more consistent end product.

Check out our calendar for in-house events, classes, as well as where we may be showing up each month whether trade show or hammer-in. We much prefer shaking hands when we can.

We also offer CAD design services, working off your sketch, template, or napkin to create usable DXF files to your standard. Below you can download our water jet request form and submit it along with any designs directly to us. You can also e-mail designs and requests to extraservices@njsteelbaron.com or mail us physical blanks to:

NJ Steel Baron

Extra Services

289 Wagaraw Road

Hawthorne NJ, 07506

We suggest using G10 or other laminates, tempered hardboard panel, low-carbon alloys, or aluminum for blanks. For sketches that are e-mailed or mailed in we ask that they are scaled or on graph paper. Once your designs are completed you will receive a PDF and DXF copy of both along with your quote.

Thank you!

Click here to download  our water jetting estimate form 

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Please fill out the form and send to extraservices@njsteelbaron.com