1080 Square Bar


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SBOPX-000-0750-40-HR.75 × .75 × 40 in

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SBOPX-000-1000-40-HR1 × 1 × 40 in

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1080 is a classic 10XX grade steel ideal for forging hammers, axes, choppers, and mixing into pattern weld multi-bar composites for edges. 1080 will also pull a great Hamon for those looking to make integral knives.

A steady staple steel for most major outfits; there’s no question when it comes to classic large stock that 1080 is a favorite.

Even if you do not forge, our 1080 can be readily machined for any number of applications or styles in knives.

The combination of carbon, manganese, and other alloying elements makes it a hard use steel ready to take all the abuse you can throw at it once properly heat treated.

As a simple carbon, it is also easily hardened and tempered for tough, dependable edges without the worries associated with more complex 10xx steels.


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