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A martensitic steel that is easy to machine and heat treated to achieve high levels of hardness and durability to be used in guards, bolsters, and liners; 416 is popular among many makers.

However, this is not steel capable of being hardened to knife needed levels and does not have the best corrosion resistance.

What 416 does offer is a material less ductile or brittle than some fitting material options, and furthermore, an alternative to titanium when used in folders, which is why NJSB has added it to our selections.

Its easy working nature is what also makes it an ideal option when making knives that require guards or bolsters over other materials such as copper, brass, or nickel silver.

416 can also be used as a jacketing material for a higher hardening core steel, such as 1095, w2, or 52100.

As a cladding, 416 may not provide the best corrosion resistance, but it does offer a striking contrast to a high carbon core.


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Find our Suggested 416 SS Heat Treat Here.

Listed below are our current LIVE and the most recently CLOSED material lot certifications per thickness:

416 SS .070 (1/16”)N/AN/A
416 SS .094 (3/32”)N/AN/A
416 SS .125 (1/8”)N/AN/A
416 SS .156 (5/32”)N/AN/A
416 SS .187 (3/16”)N/AN/A
416 SS .250 (1/4”)N/AN/A
416 SS .375 (3/8”)N/AN/A

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