Welcome to the new NJSB site. We have a new look AND new functionality. We hope you’ll look around and let us know how you think we can further improve the site during its beta stage.

Some of our changes include:

  • Updated purchasing process
  • Updated shipping calculator
  • Ability to leave product reviews
  • New blog

Updated User Profiles
In addition to all of these new features we have updated our account security. We ask that you please signup for a new account here, this process takes just a couple minutes.

As we continue to finalize and refine the new website we ask that you please be patient and let us know if you should have any questions or comments. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the new NJSB site.

  1. Hello team NJSB! I love the new site so far. I do have one suggestion:
    When I click “add to cart” on a product, it automatically brings me to the cart page. I suggest either not routing you to the cart page when you add something to the cart, or (maybe easier?) create a large “continue shopping” button that will simply route you back to the page you were on before. I will encourage people to buy more than a single item, and for those who are on the site to buy multiple things already, it streamlines the process immensely.

    hope it helps. You’ve got my loyalty either way.

    1. This actually is not the new website yet. Appreciate the suggestion and we’ve actually changed up a lot about our order flow on the new site. Figure 3-4 weeks before launch at this point.

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