1090 + 4% Nickel Powder Steel


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  • Sold in 5 lb. containers
  • Fine mesh powder metal
  • Used for the bright layers in forge welded steel and cannister Damascus
  • Heat treat like 15n20; recipe can be found here
  • Certs attached

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1090 + 4% Nickel Powder Steel, a composition emphasizing carbon content and nickel alloying, finds its application in metal fabrication for its unique combination of strength and ductility. The 4% nickel infusion enhances the steel’s toughness and impact resistance, making it well-suited for fabrication processes where resilience is paramount. In metal fabrication, this steel variant is often chosen for its ability to withstand heavy loads and absorb shocks, contributing to the durability of the fabricated components.

Metalworkers and fabricators appreciate 1090 + 4% Nickel Powder Steel for its forgeability and weldability, allowing for intricate designs and precision in shaping. The steel’s composition facilitates a balance between hardness and malleability, enabling the creation of components that can endure both mechanical stress and shaping processes. Whether used in the construction of structural elements or intricate components, 1090 + 4% Nickel Powder Steel proves to be a valuable asset in the arsenal of materials for metal fabrication, offering a harmonious blend of strength, ductility, and workability.


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