1090 Powder Steel


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  • Sold in 5 lb. containers
  • Fine mesh powder
  • Used for the dark layers in forge-welded steel and cannister Damascus
  • Heat treat like 1095;  recipe can be found here
  • Certs included

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1090 Powder Steel emerges as a prime choice for knife makers delving into the art of creating canister damascus and forge-welded steel. With its precise carbon content, this steel variant provides the ideal balance between hardness and forgeability, making it conducive to the demanding process of layering and shaping intricate patterns. The uniform particle distribution in powder steel facilitates a homogenous mix during the canister damascus forging, ensuring consistent results and enhancing the overall aesthetics of the final blade.

In the realm of forge-welded steel, 1090 Powder Steel shines with its excellent weldability and heat treatment response. The powder form enables a finer control over the alloy’s composition, resulting in blades that boast not only structural integrity but also a refined finish. Whether crafting layered patterns or experimenting with unique designs, knife makers find 1090 Powder Steel to be a reliable companion, elevating the artistry and performance of their forge-welded creations.


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