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125Cr1 steel, a distinguished cold work steel, excels in wear resistance, high hardness, and good toughness. Widely used for crafting cutting tools and components demanding elevated hardness, its chromium-enriched composition enhances hardenability and corrosion resistance in abrasive environments. With high carbon content ensuring superior hardness during heat treatment, it stands out in creating sharp, durable edges, making it a top choice in knife and cutting tool manufacturing. Known for machinability, 125Cr1 steel is valuable in precision machining, and its dimensional stability during heat treatment minimizes the risk of distortion. In summary, 125Cr1 steel is a reliable tool steel, showcasing excellence in wear resistance, hardness, and machinability across various applications.


125Cr1 steel is a tool steel known for its excellent wear resistance, high hardness, and good toughness. It belongs to the family of cold work steels and is widely used in the manufacturing of cutting tools, dies, and components that require high levels of hardness and wear resistance. The steel’s composition includes chromium, which contributes to its hardenability and corrosion resistance, making it suitable for applications where the tool is exposed to abrasive and corrosive environments.

The high carbon content in 125Cr1 steel enhances its hardness during heat treatment, making it well-suited for achieving a sharp and durable edge. This characteristic is particularly advantageous in the production of knives and cutting tools. The steel’s ability to retain its sharpness over prolonged use makes it a preferred choice among knife makers who prioritize edge retention and longevity.

125Cr1 steel is also recognized for its machinability, allowing for ease of processing during manufacturing. This property makes it a practical choice for industries involved in precision machining, where intricate designs and tight tolerances are essential. The steel’s versatility extends to applications such as cold stamping, blanking, and forming, where its combination of hardness and toughness is valuable.

Moreover, 125Cr1 steel exhibits good dimensional stability during heat treatment, reducing the risk of distortion or warping. This is a crucial factor in applications where precise dimensions are critical for the final product’s functionality. The steel’s stability contributes to the ease of manufacturing processes and ensures consistent results in the production of various components.

In summary, 125Cr1 steel stands out as a reliable and versatile tool steel, valued for its exceptional wear resistance, hardness, and machinability. Whether in the realm of cutting tools, dies, or precision components, 125Cr1 steel demonstrates its prowess in delivering durability and performance in demanding applications.


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Listed below are our current LIVE and the most recently CLOSED material lot certifications per thickness:


125Cr1 .0625 (1/16")N/A941
125Cr1 .094 (3/32")N/A710
125Cr1 .125 (1/8")N/A715
125Cr1 .156 (5/32")N/A719
125Cr1 .187 (3/16")N/A725
125Cr1 .250 (1/4")N/A721
125Cr1 .375 (3/8")N/A906

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