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BWRXX-001-0800-03-PO.75 × 8 × 8 in

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BWKXX-001-0800-03-PO.75 × 8 × 8 in

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BWCXX-001-0800-03-PO.75 × 8 × 8 in

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Combat Abrasives stands among only four remaining manufacturers in the United States crafting premium Industrial-grade airway buffing wheels. These 16″ airways are conventionally outfitted with a 1-1/4″ arbor hole, ideal for most lathe and backstand polishing machines.

For polishing aluminum, we recommend utilizing our Orange cutting wheel paired with a brown tripoli bar, or a black stainless bar for cutting stainless. Meanwhile, our Yellow Coloring wheel combined with a green rouge is optimal for polishing both stainless and aluminum.

Edge buffing, where the edge of the buffing wheel is utilized for polishing, is a widely employed technique, particularly when using an angle grinder, buffing wheel, and compound.

Pairing buffing wheels with the correct polishing compound is crucial for optimal results. We offer a comprehensive explanation of different mill treatments for airway buffing wheels in our instructional video to help you understand the varying degrees of stiffness.

When polishing aluminum with our airway buffing wheels, we recommend a two-step process. Start with our Brown Tripoli Metal Polishing Compound paired with the orange airway buffing wheel, followed by our Yellow Airway buffing wheel with Green Rouge Metal Polishing Compound.

For polishing stainless steel, we recommend a two-step process as well. Begin with our red airway buffing wheel and Black Magic Compound, then proceed with a Pink buffing wheel with our Yellow Deluxe Compound. For an added show-shine finish, use a white buffing wheel with our Blue Rouge Metal Polishing Compound at speeds not exceeding 2,200 RPM.

To polish copper or brass, prep the metal with sanding to eliminate imperfections. For light tarnish, use a scuff pad; for heavier tarnish or oxidation, sand with 600 or 800 grit. We recommend our Yellow Airway buffing wheel and yellow deluxe compound bar for the first polishing step, followed by a pink airway buffing wheel paired with our purple high luster compound bar. Maintain a speed of 2200 to 2600 RPM while polishing.

For polishing aluminum with a 16″ airway buff, mount the wheels on a large industrial buffing lathe. Start with the orange airway and tripoli bar for the first “cut” step, then transition to the yellow wheel with green rouge for a mirror shine. For stainless steel, opt for our RED airway with black stainless cutting bar followed by the pink airway with yellow or green buffing brick. For an even brighter shine, use a domet flannel airway with a purple finishing bar.


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