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Combat Abrasives introduces its groundbreaking Sanding Belt Wax, meticulously engineered for the rigors of casting and metalworking. Developed collaboratively with industry leaders, this formula revolutionizes belt longevity and cutting precision. Tailored for grits 24-120, it excels in heavy-duty stock removal and grinding, effortlessly handling the toughest materials. With a simple application process, it ensures consistent performance, while infused abrasive grains deliver unmatched cutting power, providing smoother finishes. The innovative tallow base acts as a heat barrier, enhancing safety and extending belt lifespan. Elevate your metalworking with Combat Abrasives Sanding Belt Wax, the choice for quality, performance, and productivity.

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GSXXX-000-0000-14-NA2 × 2.5 × 9.125 in

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Discover Combat Abrasives’ groundbreaking Sanding Belt Wax, meticulously crafted to conquer the most demanding tasks in casting and metalworking. Developed in close collaboration with industry-leading fabricators, this revolutionary formula represents the pinnacle of innovation, engineered to elevate both belt longevity and cutting precision to unprecedented levels.

Tailored for grits 24-120, our superior belt grease is primed for heavy-duty stock removal and rigorous grinding applications, effortlessly powering through the toughest materials with unparalleled efficiency. The application process is effortless – simply apply it with the first use of your belt, and reapply as necessary to sustain optimal performance, ensuring consistent, reliable results every time.

Infused with advanced abrasive grains, our grease stick delivers unmatched cutting prowess, facilitating smoother, more refined finishes with each pass. Meanwhile, the innovative tallow base serves as a formidable heat barrier, effectively dissipating excess heat buildup during prolonged use, thereby prolonging the lifespan of your belts and enhancing operational safety.

Transform your metalworking endeavors with Combat Abrasives Sanding Belt Wax – an investment in quality, performance, and unparalleled productivity. Experience the difference today and join countless professionals who rely on Combat Abrasives for excellence in their craft.


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