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Combat Abrasives presents the Belt Eraser, a revolutionary solution for sanding belt maintenance. Designed to clean and dress belts of all grits, it removes lodged particles, extending belt life by 30-50%. Compatible with various belt types and materials, including metal, plastics, and wood, it ensures optimal performance. Quick and easy to use, it prevents glazing and dull cuts, making it a must-have for woodworkers and metalworkers alike. Invest in Combat Abrasives’ Belt Eraser to unlock the full potential of your sanding belts and keep your projects moving smoothly.

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Introducing Combat Abrasives’ Belt Eraser, a game-changer in sanding belt maintenance. Our erasers are designed to clean and dress sanding belts of all grits, removing lodged particles between abrasive grains to prevent dull cuts. By using our Belt Eraser, you can extend the life of your sanding belts by an impressive 30-50%, making it one of the most cost-effective belt maintenance products on the market.

Compatible with ceramic, zirconia, and aluminum oxide sanding belts, our Belt Eraser works wonders on a variety of materials including metal (steel, stainless steel, aluminum), plastics, woods (all types), and more. Simply hold the eraser against a moving abrasive belt for 3-6 seconds to fully unclog the belt and restore its cutting efficiency.

For woodworkers and metalworkers alike, these Belt Erasers are indispensable tools for keeping belts in prime condition, preventing glazing and ensuring optimal performance. Don’t let clogged belts slow you down—invest in Combat Abrasives’ Belt Eraser and maximize the lifespan of your sanding belts today!


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