CPM 3-V is a tough and well known Crucible steel with a fair amount of chromium and the ability to hold a very fine edge, but slightly simpler in composition than S30 or S35-VN.

Between the corrosion resistance and toughness, CPM 3-V rarely disappoints and fits a wide range of categories for blades where a more expensive CPM may not be necessary.

Like all Crucible CPMs, the combination of powdered metallurgy and Crucible quality stand out in a performance steel that readily adapts to almost any situation.

NJSB also offers decarb free grinding for an additional fee if you do not, or cannot, surface grind at your shop.

Find our Suggested CPM 3V Heat Treat Here.

Listed below are our current LIVE and the most recently CLOSED material lot certifications per thickness:

  • CPM 3V .070 (1/16”)
    Previous: N/A
    Current: NP67996
  • CPM 3V .094 (3/32”)
    Previous: N/A
    Current: NP68215
  • CPM 3V .125 (1/8”)
    Previous: NP69721
    Current: NP67594
  • CPM 3V .156 (5/32”)
    Previous: NP69010
    Current: NP70189
  • CPM 3V .187 (3/16”)
    Previous: NP69719
    Current:  NP69719
  • CPM 3V .250 (1/4”)
Previous: NP69719
Current: NP69981

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A


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